• Parisa~


    November 16, 2011 by Parisa~

    As a young girl, i love tatoo! I even want to have all of the beautiful tatoos on my body! I know it's sounds crazy, and of course my families don't like tatoos, they think tatoo is a signal of bad gays! I know it's really hurt for people who keen on tatoo, but, you know, stareotypical! They always think they're right, they're the white part of the world, they are the best! But, who will give a shit! I even donnot want to care about what you say! Obviously, thinking is always different from the true life, they treat me like a bad girl who is smoking, drinking, and has tatoos. How ridiculous they are! I'm 20 years old! Even it's wrong that i have a boyfriend! Holy shit! However, who cares?~!

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